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aaura, an architectural firm since 2004, is a team of young, talented designers and skilled contractors and workmen. With a plethora of beautiful moments, aaura is crystal clear in its aims and ambitions, steadily spreading knowledge, thought, and freshness.

What types of projects does Aaura undertake?

Aaura specializes in comprehensive architectural design consultancy, interior design and turnkey execution, construction services, and landscaping design consultancy and turnkey execution.

What does Architectural design consultancy involve?

At aaura, we specialise in architectural design and consultancy services for a wide range of structures including stand-alone houses, villas, bungalows, row houses, apartments, duplex houses, penthouses, shops, showrooms, retail outlets, exhibition spaces, office spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, spas, gyms, cinemas, hotels, resorts, galleries, museums, airports, theatres, auditoriums, libraries, training centres, education and healthcare facilities, product design, furniture design, and affordable design for the masses.


For any building or structure, we begin by understanding the client's profile, the project's land details, the required built-up area, the client's design preferences, project cost and tender details, and the project schedule. Based on these parameters, we create a comprehensive checklist for site examination, taking into consideration any constraints and potential opportunities. With these requirements and factors in mind, we present the client with a preliminary conceptual design for their approval. From there, we move forward with finalizing the design and creating detailed drawings. Our aim is to ensure that all proposals are transformed into reality and meet the client's desired expectations.

How does Aaura handle its interior projects? 

Most of Aaura's interior projects are undertaken on a turnkey basis, with specialised and talented teams of workmen assigned to the projects. The process begins with designing the interior project, taking into account the client's profile, available space, requirements, budget, and time frame. This preliminary design stage involves conceptual design preparation, visualising the concept, and fine-tuning the design according to precise requirements. Once the client approves the conceptual design, the project enters the design development phase, where materials and finishes are finalised, and design elements are improvised. Aaura ensures quality workmanship through supervision and coordination between their design and site teams.

Aaura offers a wide range of interior solutions, including glass and aluminium partitions, various types of flooring such as vitrified and wooden, false ceilings made of different materials, and a variety of furniture options for offices, cabins, labs, cafeterias, and more. They also provide electrical services such as lighting, power distribution, and networking, as well as fire fighting, access control, automation, air conditioning, and audio-video conferencing services. Aaura also offers window treatments like blinds and curtains, as well as wall treatments such as wallpapers and textured paintings. Additionally, they provide fabrication services using materials like mild steel, wrought iron, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Does Aaura provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for building construction projects?

Aaura is a one-stop service provider for turnkey solutions, specializing in designing, building, implementing, fitting out, and delivering spaces. Whether for corporate or individual needs, we offer cost-effective, innovative, and functional solutions that prioritize aesthetics. With a team of dedicated architects, interior designers, and engineers, we bring your vision to life, reflecting your refined taste. Our expertise encompasses the entire project from concept to handover and certification, ensuring the highest quality standards are met within the projected timeline. We understand the gap between design and execution and have developed the capability to deliver projects on time and within budget while maintaining the desired finish and quality. By offering all services under one roof, we ensure seamless coordination and efficient project programming, resulting in a better product and value for our customers' investments.

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Is aaura limited to projects in Bangalore only?

No. While aaura is headquartered in Bangalore, it has a project office in Pondicherry and is capable of taking on projects throughout India.

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