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why aaura

01 / Research

Before we do anything we’ll come and meet you. We’ll then ask for a brief (preferably a written brief)

At this point we’ll also mention anything we’ve experienced in the past that might make your project even more of a success. Once you’re happy we’ll agree timelines and deliverables, and then get on it.


02 / Recommend

The process of researching, questioning and coming in with a fresh perspective has been the key to our creative success over the years.

Once we’ve agreed the right strategic route for you, we’ll get to work on the creative direction. This could be delivering a variety of possible ideas, or building up one concrete solution.

03 / Create
Once we have a creative direction agreed, we’ll start our detailed design process. This is when things really start coming together.

We’ll create all assets needed for commencement of works at site. We’ll also hand over the entire master files, artwork and style guides. Then after a set time we’ll look at the execution and the results to see how, together, we can build on the success…

Our Philosophy

We believe in making a positive contribution to the quality of Design by a responsive process of continuous learning for the benefit of our client and staff. We strongly believe that The Excellency will be attained only by the collaboration of ideas between the client and team.

We at aaura forum dedicate to work on a transparent project process. This will allow our clients to monitor the work in progress at any time and have complete control over the project. This process will be backed by skilled professionals, seamless communication, rigorous quality control and robust technology.

1. Right project schedule including planning, execution and min &  max  time schedules

2. keep the client informed about the progress at any point of time

3. on time submission

4. continuous learning and training

5. Accurate Costing

What we do at aaura

Architecture        Interior Design        Landscape

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